Rethinking remodeling

Many remodeling firms tout a design-build approach, but Lovette’s unique process and highly trained staff set them apart. Their craftsmen know exactly how to work alongside residents as they carry out the build. Daily project updates and key communications are delivered through their intuitive app.

Project Details

Rebuilding Expectations

The chief challenge in our partnership was working against the low expectations customers would bring based on past experiences with other fi rms. Large images, helpful content (instead of constant sales), a straightforward process, and a clean modern design were all ways we rebuilt expectations.

Raising the bar

Finally, we wanted to communicate to the audience that Lovette was not like other fi rms. To do that we wanted to create an initial experience that would truly defy expectations. We worked with the internal team to produce a high-end 36-page project workbook that other remodelers would have diffi culty matching. The key to the document was the insightful tips that the Lovette team provided, making this workbook more than just a sales piece.