Branding & Identity Design

Modern brands are much more than logo design, a color scheme, or a set of fonts. Brands have the power to change the perception of your organization. We partner with organizations to create meaningful brands that are enduring and impactful.

Why Branding?

Ask yourself, "How do you want to be known?" This is the fundamental question of branding. Our approach to branding is designed to help organizations answer this question, enabling us to build brands that reflect the deepest elements of their culture, values, and beliefs. Organizations with effective branding are able to change the way they are perceived by their audience. These changes enable brands to offer authentic experiences, increase buy-in, and drive engagement.

Whether you are starting from scratch, starting over, or improving your existing brand, our team can adapt to fill the gaps that may be giving your audience hesitation.

Branding Services

Our branding services include:

Brand Strategy
Brand Research
Logo design
Color Theory
Visual Identity Systems
Brand extensions
Swag & Gifts
Print Material
Style guide
Wayfinding & Signage

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Our Branding Process

We build brands using a reliable and proven process that is designed to find the intersection between your audience’s needs and your brand’s unique value. Every step of our branding process builds on the one before, allowing us to develop a complete, complex, and nuanced understanding of your organization. We work from big picture concepts about your organization, determining brand feel and meaning before we develop specific visual representation such as logo and colors. Many on your team can have differing design opinions and personal tastes, but our process is designed to motivate and unite your organization around a clarified brand.

  • Discovery
    We learn who your organization is and where your brand needs to go.
  • Verbal Identity
    We communicate the value of your brand using words before design.
  • Creative Brief and Design Inspiration
    We use design inspiration across industries to determine the design direction for your brand.
  • Brand Design
    We develop the visual representation of your brand through several rounds of design and feedback.
  • Brand Extensions
    We ensure the effectiveness of your brand through sample collateral.
  • Style Guide
    We provide a complete usage guide to ensure consistency with your new brand.

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How much does branding cost?

We understand that the cost of branding can vary widely among agencies, and it can be frustrating to discover that you have no idea where your investment is going when you pay for a new brand. We want to eliminate confusion and frustration through transparency in our process and our pricing so that you never wonder what you’re paying for or what value you are getting.

  • Brand Refresh
    Refresh an existing brand without a complete redesign (clean up or reimagine existing brand). This includes visual branding only. This process starts at $4k.
  • Brand Design or Redesign
    Develop a completely new brand concept for a new or existing brand. This includes strategy along with verbal and visual branding. This process starts at $10k.
  • Multi-Brand System
    Develop a new brand system for multiple connected entities. This includes strategy, verbal identity, and visual branding. This process starts at $15k.

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