Providing over $43 million in scholarship aid

Arete Scholars exists to help under-resourced children reach their highest potential through educational opportunity.

Project Details

Opening Doors

Since 2011, Leap Logic has partnered with Arete Scholars to champion their cause of awarding need-based K-12 scholarships and empower parents to place their children in schools that best suit their unique gifts and learning. Our collaboration has covered brand strategy, brand design, multiple websites, fundraising campaigns and supporting their yearly communication efforts through fliers, posters, booklets, pitches, and campaigns.

Three Audiences, Two States, One Vision

For Arete to be effective, they have to rally the support of corporate partners. At the same time, they need schools to participate in accepting their scholarships. Finally, parents need to be equipped to understand the requirements for eligibility. All of this complexity is doubled with Arete’s requirements being distinct in their two operating states. Creating a communication strategy that worked for all audiences through a dynamic website was a victory to celebrate.