JS Developer

Leap Logic is a focused team of problem solvers and storytellers. With a specialty towards digital brands, we enable customers to access technology, strategy, and design that propels their organization forward, achieving measurable results for the greater good.

In this position you will be part of our development team be responsible for solving a wide range of customer problems through architecture, feature implementation, debugging, and collaboration with our product team.

By working in our agile environment, you will tackle unique user-focused challenges in bi-monthly sprints, influencing new features and shaping the product’s overall direction. You will work closely with our Development Director, Project Managers, Designers and client lead to bring our elegant and innovative projects to life.

We are seeking a mid-level JS Developer with a positive approach, a humble attitude, and who is looking to make the entire team successful. We are in constant search of simple solutions, through technology-agnostic practices with an awareness of the larger market, scalability, and customer goals.

Under the guidance of our Development Director, you would continue to pursue tools, processes, and methodologies that improve your work, our work and the team’s shared enjoyment creating it.

If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you.


  • Solve complex problems using development approaches that translate to elegant user experiences

  • Develop with best practices and sustainability in mind alongside others on the development team

  • Collaborate with the product and development team to build consensus

  • Articulate and present implementation strategies to leadership

  • Maintain and improve existing development patterns and systems

  • Create and implement new development patterns cohesive with the product’s direction


  • Experience with Angular 2+ in mid-to-large applications

  • Fluent in Javascript and Typescript

  • Mastery of HTML, CSS, and CSS preprocessors

  • Experience with common CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap or Foundation

  • Competence in Git or version control systems

  • Experience with APIs and consuming RESTful systems

  • Creativity in problem-solving with an open and positive mindset

  • Consistency in delivery and time management in a structured work environment

  • Knowledge in development software

  • Enjoys collaboration and iteration

  • In-touch with web standards, user experience, and accessibility

Founded 10 years ago, Leap Logic is a rising studio with a focus on delivering strategy, brand, web, and platform development to a variety of organizations. Our team is growing beyond a few talented individuals to a cohesive group of problem solvers.

At Leap Logic, we value craft over speed, people over profit, and sincerely desire that every team member is enabled to grow in skill and person.

Salary & Benefits

To learn more about our competitive benefits, click here. For this position, salary will be commensurate with skill and experience, but we’re expecting candidates to fall between $65-80k a year with opportunity advancement.

Application Process

Once we collect applications for the position we will contact candidates that we wish to learn more about for a brief phone call. From those candidates, we will then select candidates who we feel like are a good fit for in-person interviews. Finalists may receive additional interviews before an offer is extended. All applicants will receive a response.